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Specialist Subjects

We offer the following specialist lessons:

Physical Education

Reception - Year 6 (1 lesson per week)

St Thomas More School has a major sporting focus and a long proud sporting history. We have a dedicated Physical Education Teacher and are committed to providing all students with many varied sporting opportunities in the form of, but not limited to: clinics, carnivals and after school sport.

We believe in supporting our children to demonstrate their gifts and talents in sport, through our PE program and involvement in extra-curricular clinics and carnivals. Sporting achievements are highlighted and celebrated wherever possible. Our sporting involvement is focused on student participation and enjoyment and helping children to develop life skills such as cooperation, team work and sportspersonship.

Physical Education lessons at St Thomas More School provide structured situations giving students the opportunity to develop and enhance their natural tendency for movement and active play. The ultimate goal of the weekly Physical Education lessons with our specialist teacher is to develop enthusiasm for physical activity and to maintain and encourage students' skills so that they become committed to pursuing an active lifestyle.

Physical Education at St Thomas More fosters the total development of students by encouraging, supporting and challenging them, as well as providing opportunities for those students who wish to pursue competitive options through SAPSASA, Catholic Primary Schools carnivals and the Northern Areas Network carnivals. Students also participate in weekly physical fitness and activity with their class teacher.

Our specialist P.E. teacher incorporates a variety of different sports into his or her programming to cater for the needs of all children. Gymnastics is always a popular inclusion each year.

Sports Day

One of the highlights on our school calendar is our annual Sports Day! We hold a Sports Day that provides a wide range of activities on offer and encourages not only the development of individual talents but also the important skills of teamwork and cooperation. Children are allocated to a house team upon commencement at school and stay in these teams through their time at St Thomas More. The older children are encouraged to take on leadership roles within these teams. We recognize that leadership qualities can be demonstrated by the quietest student when given the right opportunities.

Interschool Sport Carnivals (SAPSASSA, Catholic Schools and Northern Areas Network)

The following is a list of the carnivals in which we participate in each year:
Cross Country
Touch Football

Children are required to wear sports uniform when participating in P.E. activities or representing the school at sporting fixtures.

For many years St Thomas More School has been involved in the Sporting Schools program. We have been very fortunate to facilitate this program free of charge to families. This has enabled additional physical activity to compliment the Physical Education program. It is gratifying to see the growth of so many children participating in sport for teams within the school as well as at various clubs within our local community.

Over time we have been able to run many programs including; aerobics, dance, AFL, soccer, hip hop, touch football, rugby union, netball, cricket, basketball, athletics and tennis.


The Arts (Drama, Media, Visual Art, Music and Dance)

Reception - Year 6 (1 lesson per week)


Reception - Year 6 (1 lesson per week)

At St Thomas More School the students have the opportunity to experiencethe learning of the Italian Language. Students will gain an appreciation for another culture and have the opportunity to explore the language through various experiences such as:


Role Plays

Reading Stories

Hands on activities

School performances

ICT activities

Language based games 

Italian Festivals such as Carnivale (see photos below)