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Assessment and Reporting

St Thomas More School endeavours to use its assessment and reporting practices to reflect many dimensions of learning and aspects of a student's development including skills, values, attitude and habits of mind.


Assessment procedures provide information to:

  • The teacher as a way of informing planning and programming
  • The student about achievement and growth areas
  • The parent/caregiver about student development
  • The school for future planning


Assessment information is recorded in a variety of ways including:

  • Anecdotal records
  • Observation grids
  • Checklists
  • Unit summaries
  • Audio, video recordings and digital photos
  • Student self assessment notes
  • Annotated responses
  • Collections of work samples
  • Rubrics


Formal reporting at St Thomas More School takes the form of:   

  • A Parent/Teacher Meet & Greet Time early in Term 1
  • A Parent/Teacher interview in Term 2
  • A Semester 1 written report that is sent home at the end of Term 2
  • Meetings between parents and teachers as required
  • An End of Year written report that is sent home late in Term 4