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Old Scholars and Former Staff of St Thomas More School

St Thomas More School opened in 1960 and we are interested to hear from former staff and students about their time at the school. We are collecting information to help write our history and to build a database of Old Scholars. We hope to use this information to create an Old Scholars group in the future.
Please provide us with your current and any past names, years and year levels you attended St Thomas More School.
Old Scholar Current Name:

Former Staff Member Name:

if you are a former staff member or volunteer of the school, please provide us with your current name.

What was your name when you attended St Thomas More School ie maiden name or nickname?:

eg 1960

the year level or grade you were in on your first day at St Thomas More School.

eg. if you left the school in 1967 write 1967.

what year level or grade were you in on the last day you attended St Thomas More School?

Did you have siblings attend St Thomas More School? If so, please provide their names at the time of their attendance of the school. This information will be kept against your profile. For siblings to be added to our Old Scholars database, please have them complete this form.
Sibling 1:

Sibling 2:

Sibling 3:

If your children also attended St Thomas More School, please tell us their names and years they were at the school.

In this section we would like to hear about your recollections from your time at St Thomas More School such as what classrooms were like, who was the principal, what teachers you remember, any significant events you witnessed, or any other notable old scholars you know about.

Do you remember other students who went onto great success with their personal or professional life?

We are collecting this information so we can add you to our Old Scholar database to contact you about events and activities for St Thomas More School. 

We are interested to hear about your life post-St Thomas More School. 

Please tick all applicable

Thank you for completing this form. You will be added to the St Thomas More Old Scholar/Former Staff database. Our school values your privacy, before submitting this form, please read our Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.