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Every child counts
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Our Story

St Thomas More School was established in 1960 by the Sisters of Mercy, with Sr Immaculata Coffey as the first Principal and Sr Ruth Mullins as the first teacher. The Sisters of Mercy are dedicated to serving people who suffer from injustices related to poverty, sickness or lack of education.

One of the most respected figures in English history, Thomas More was a statesman, scholar and author. He was noted for his wit and also for his devotion to his religion. Thomas More was canonised by Pope Pius XI in 1935, and his feast day is celebrated on June 22nd.  This is the day where we celebrate the life of St Thomas More whom our school is named after.  He is certainly a great choice for our school, given that he was a man who spoke up for what he believed was right and just.

Mercy Schools Unify

The bonds that hold the Elizabeth Mercy Schools Cluster strengthened in 2021 with the unification of St Mary Magdalene's School and St Thomas More School. You can hear more about it from Catholic Education SA Director Dr Neil McGoran by clicking the link below.