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Walker Learning Approach

Walker Learning Approach

At St Thomas More School we use an inquiry learning approach with an emphasis on personalised learning with a high level of engagement.

Through the Australian Curriculum and South Australian Curriculum Framework we implement a variety of teaching strategies that truly and effectively personalise, engage, empower and provide ownership and choice for students. Mathematics and English are core subjects and are explicitly taught each day in every year level throughout the school.

Teaching and learning in the 21st Century requires recognition that successful education needs to provide a set of fundamental skills that are transferable and adaptable to whatever the future holds. In order to learn how to learn, children need to be provided with a solid foundation of skill acquisition and to develop a range of thinking and research abilities. As educators, we aim to provide learning environments that offer lots of practice in how to make decisions, initiate ideas, persist, find out, try again, take risks, explore and research in a range of ways that relate to children's own interests.

The Walker Learning Approach (WLA) encompasses a range of teaching and learning principles to deliver quality, personalised learning with a high level of student engagement. The WLA ensures that Australian Curriculum obligations are maintained and enhanced through the provision of teaching strategies that truly and effectively personalize, engage, empower and provide greater ownership and choice for students.

The Walker Learning Approach is the result of many years of research and practice in childhood development, educational psychology and teaching and learning. It is a most exciting and innovative learning program with huge benefits for children's' learning and development. At St Thomas More School, we are extremely proud to provide such an inclusive and wholesome learning approach. As a school we will endevour to offer Parent Information Sessions throughout the year. In the meantime we recommend you have a look at the Walker Learning website www.earlylife.com.au/walker-learning or ask staff or the Leadership team for more information about the approach.


"Education is not a race to be won. It is a journey where every step, every day counts and the end point actually never arrives." (Kathy Walker 2008)