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Supporting Defence Families

At St Thomas More school we warmly welcome Defence Families. We are happy to work closely with them during the process of relocation. We have a Leadership Team, School Counsellor and Principal Assistant who provide assistance to Australian Defence Force (ADF) children and families particularly during their transition into and out of a school on posting or during a parental absence due to deployment, exercise or training.

The Regional Educational Liaison Officer (REDLO), Les Needham from the Defence Community Organsiation can also support our Defence families.  Les is a qualified and experienced teacher who is able to provide specialised information and educational support to ADF families.

  • Welcome parents and children into the school community.

  • Assist ADF families to integrate into the local community.

  • Act as a point of contact for Australian Defence Force families in the school.

  • Offer support to children at school during times of parental absence by encouraging parents to keep teachers informed about parental separations so that we can assist your child during this time.

  • Assist the school to understand the needs of Australian Defence Force parents and their children.

  • Monitor ADF children's personal issues such as friendship, peer groups and classroom difficulties with the support of the Pastoral Care team which includes the Assistant Principal Religious Identity Mission (APRIM), and the School Counsellor.

  • Provide opportunities for ADF families to meet other ADF families within the school community.

  • Organise activities which welcome and farewell Australian Defence Force families and help them settle in to the new school community.

  • Inform the school and support families if ADF members are deployed

  • Help families with special needs

Useful information:

We are the closest Catholic primary school located only 6km (10 minute drive) away from the Edinburgh Base.

  • Some of the community services are listed below in distance from the school.
  • Elizabeth Shopping Centre - 1km

  • Local Medical Centres - 1.5km

  • Lyell McEwen Hospital - 5km

  • Local Dental Centre - 1.5km

Bus Stop 66 is located at the front of the school. This is an Adelaide metro bus service run by the government. There are various buses that travel along Yorktown Road. The 471 bus goes to St Columba College and Hillbank as well as Elizabeth Train station.

Community Clubs

Other various clubs in the City of Playford council area can be found here.

Local Council details Playford Council, offices are located 1km away.

If your child has special needs you are entitled to access additional assistance from Defence Community Organisation. The definition of special needs includes children and adults, and covers a wide spectrum of cases including physical, intellectual, sensory, learning or behavioural difficulties, or psychiatric illnesses or disorders it also includes academically gifted or talented children. You can find out more at Defence Community Organisation.

Do we have to be Catholic to enrol?

  • No - We offer a Catholic education and welcome all faith communities.

Parents are asked to uphold the Christian values that underpin our community.